Sound systems appeared in Jamaica in the middle of the 20th century. With this media people gathered in the street, dancing until the morning and listening the latest hits (which sometimes were recorded the same day at the studio around the corner). It also allowed the producers to diffuse their music and to test the public reaction, before sending the record to the vinyl press.

The sound system is a very important part of reggae culture, because of its historical and cultural role, but also because reggae is a particular music that need a suitable public adress system to faithfully convey all mixing subtleties (specially this heavy and overriding bassline). Over time, this system became emblematic of a sound system : form, color, type of boxes used…and of course the sound that emerge.

In 2013, Roots Attack decided to set up his own sound system in order to enhance the label’s productions. It’s not about playing louder than loud, the aim is rather to be self-ruling and to have a great sound quality.

The building started afer two years of research. With, among others, 4 scoops and providing 10kW, the Roots Attack sound system will soon be ready to roar…